Desktop Repairs

We Fix All Desktops

All of our repairs naturally come with our 6 month warranty, our service has stood the test of time.

You don't have to book an appointment, just pop in and have a jargon free chat.

Viruses and Infection

If you bring in your PC early enough we can get it back to you in the same day.

We will get rid of random pop ups, malware and viruses.

If there is any search pages you don't recognise the likelihood is that your computer is infected and someone could potentially be stealing your data, identity or both.

As this threat is on a rapid increase there is very little you can do once it has occurred.

Come in for a diagnostic check up.

Running Slow

This could be down to a computer virus, a software glitch or hardware issues, including a failing or failed hard drive.

Power Supply

A blown power supply may be the main issue and this can cause all kinds of issues for your computer. We can run through a short or long diagnostic to find out what's needed to get your computer back in tip top shape. Our prices start from £35.

The Need for Speed

If you want your computer to load up faster or want your games to play better we can make your computer more responsive by upgrading to a solid state drive. You'll be surprised at how quick Windows loads up. The difference will be remarkably measurable, it will almost be like using a new computer.

An upgrade of graphics hardware can also mean that you require a more capable power supply. Pop your computer in for a diagnostic check and we will point you in the right direction.

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