We are offering one to one tutorials in a warm, relaxed and friendly environment.


With our sessions you can:


  • Keep in touch with family and friends through emails, photos and video

  • Learn new skills and interests – research hobbies and look up information

  • Make your life easier – pay bills online, shop, book holidays and train tickets and many more!

  • Increase your brain power (research has shown me clear positive effects of using computers and the internet)

  • Learn to work apps on Windows 8.1

  • Learn how to manage your files! (documents, pictures, music and videos)


This is what one of our service users said about us: “Since my computer lessons with Ant, I feel encouraged and supported by him and his kindness. I can’t think of words to express my thanks to him and the team for opening up another chapter in my life” – Pamela Harrison


If you're interested in our teaching scheme or have any computer related troubles, do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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